Blue Eyed Baker x Dopest Dough

Blue Eyed Baker x Dopest Dough

Starting off 2021 with Blue Eyed Baker & Dopest Dough as this week's featured local business for #SupportYourSoil! If you love macarons or any kind of sweets and you're out in East Aurora be sure to stop in and check them out. You may see them in Whole Foods or your local farmers market as well! While Blue Eyed Baker runs the sweets, Dopest Dough is in charge of the fresh bread and bagels. Nothing beats some fresh carbs! Grab your tailgate bagels and sweets for Saturday while you watch the Bills become victorious in the first round of playoffs.

Loyal T Co. is all about taking pride in where you come from. We love to show our loyalty by featuring a local business we have recently visited or supported. We believe it is of utmost importance to support local business, especially in these uncertain times. DM us for future features!

As a thanks for reading and supporting Blue Eyed Baker & Dopest Dough get 20% off on the Buffaloyal Tee through this week! Use code: CARBS.

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