12.18 - Ballyhoo Links & Drinks-Loyal T Co.

Ballyhoo Links & Drinks

Ballyhoo Links & Drinks is this week's featured local business for #SupportYourSoil! A lot of good times here for happy hours while enjoying their house made sausage, incredible mac & cheese and some great beers with great company out on the patio. They have six different variations of sausages on the menu and you need to make it a goal to try each one as they are all incredible. Also, do not miss the Mac & Cheese, you may have heard it being the best mac & cheese in Buffalo. Head to their website today to order late lunch or dinner for pickup or delivery. They will be open all next week at their normal hours besides Christmas Day. Make it there and enjoy!

Loyal T Co. is all about taking pride in where you come from. Each week we show our loyalty by featuring a local business we have recently visited or supported. We believe it is of utmost importance to support local businesses, especially in these uncertain times. DM for future features!

We just released our new apparel! As a thanks for reading this get 20% off any new product until Christmas Eve. Use code: BALLYHOO.

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