But what does it mean?

You’re probably wondering, what does it mean to be Loyal to my Soil It is simple really. Being Loyal to my Soil is all about having great pride for wherever you call home and doing your part to help your home soil flourish; shopping local, eating local, drinking local, giving back to your community and repping your roots. Whenever. Wherever.

Our Mission

At Loyal T Company, we strive to do our part and give back to our community as many ways as possible. One of the biggest ways we hope to do this is through donating.

Without the work done by the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, getting a few holes of golf in at South Park or throwing your hammock up on 2 trees to kick back at Hoyt Lake, might look a lot different. From keeping our parks safe and inviting, they help keep our city the amazing place that we love and embrace. 

That is why with every purchase of Loyal T products, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to this amazing organization to help them carrying on fighting the good fight!


Another leg of our mission is to promote the support of both small and local business. #SupportYourSoil is our weekly blog in which we feature a local business and highlight why they’re so awesome! It’s important to us to shed light on all the amazing local mom and pops our city has to offer. The goal is to influence our fans and followers to choose local first and put that money straight back into our community!

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