12.04 - Live Natural, Baby.-Loyal T Co.

Live Natural, Baby.

Live Natural, Baby is this week's featured local business for #SupportYourSoil. Close friends just went live with this venture on Wednesday! They never thought they’d be making their own homemade baby food for a living but once they had their son, they realized how toxic the store bought baby food was. They began to experiment in the kitchen and came up with delicious recipes their son loved and they wanted to share. We know that they are very passionate about making the freshest healthiest food for all the babies in WNY, all while making mom & dads life easier. Place your order today on their site!

Loyal T Co. is all about taking pride in where you come from. Each week we show our loyalty by featuring a local business we have recently visited or want to support. We believe it is of utmost importance to support local businesses, especially in these uncertain times. DM for future features!

Grab your Loyal To My Soil Tee today for 15% off with code: LIVENATURALBABY. Valid thru 12/10.

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