One-Eyed Cat Brewing x Pork Bellies BBQ

One-Eyed Cat Brewing x Pork Bellies BBQ

One-Eyed Cat Brewing and Pork Bellies BBQ are this week’s featured businesses for #SupportYourSoil! We had the pleasure of being a part of their "Back to the Alley" vendor pop-up event last month and had our fair share of delicious beers and BBQ.

The story of how they opened their taproom in Williamsville started in an alley on Genesee Street with an invite from a local metal fabrication shop. Brandon Farrell, owner of Buffalo Brew Fab, started hosting pop-up events at his shop back in 2019 where he invited local vendors from the area to come sell their items. He also invited Patrick Alexanderson and Brian Butler, two homebrewers who had plans for starting up One-Eyed Cat Brewing, to come share samples of their beers. Then he invited Jay Woodworth and Ryan Walser, owners of Pork Bellies BBQ, to provide some tasty bites. That’s how everyone met. Fast forward to 2021, they started making plans to open a place together on Main Street in Williamsville, and that’s how their location came to be. The name One-Eyed Cat is an homage to the city of Buffalo- it's been through a few scraps and has some battle scars, but it's still around and it's still kicking!
Stop in this weekend and go try their  expansive list of draft beers, hard ciders, wineand more. We enjoyed "'Lil Stompies", their New England / Hazy IPA and "Hans", their  Marzen-style Oktoberfest. Of course you will need to order some delicious, award-winning BBQ brought to you by pork bellies BBQ while you're there.


Loyal T Co. is all about taking pride in where you come from. Each week we show our loyalty by featuring a local business we have recently visited or want to support. We believe it is of utmost importance to support local businesses. DM for future features!

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